About Pestily

Hi I’m Paul – otherwise known as Pestily. I’m a partnered Twitch broadcaster, originally from a small country town in Victoria but now living in Adelaide, Australia. I enjoy playing first person shooters and creating a friendly and fun interactive community.

Throughout my Twitch career, I’ve raised over $1.27M for charity. In 2018 I was named ‘Australian Breakout Twitch Creator of the Year’ at the Australian Gaming Awards. Content creation has been an incredible adventure so far and one I hope to continue well into the future.

I have been an avid gamer since my teenage years, starting with Half Life (Adrenaline Gamer). Since then I have enjoyed many other games including TDZK, CS 1.6 (LANs), WoW, Starcraft 2, PUBG, Diablo 2/3 and Path of Exile. Most recently I have been playing and streaming Escape from Tarkov, alongside popular new titles.

Prior to becoming a content creator, I served as a Rifleman in the Australian Army for 8 years, then worked as a Fire Fighter with the MFS in South Australia. Since February of 2018 I have been lucky enough to stream on Twitch full time, and create Youtube videos. Outside of work I am passionate about the outdoors, particularly hiking and climbing mountains.

Our Adventures

 We’re Paul and Christina, an Australian couple with a love for meeting new people, travel and adventure. Between us we’ve lived in four countries and had adventures through another 21. We like to keep life fun and interesting, and together we have climbed volcanoes in Indonesia, watched the sun rise and set over the oceans in Fiji, explored the highlands of Australia and eaten exotic cuisines around the world.

When at home, where ever that is, we live simply and enjoy the little things like a good home cooked breakfast, walking our doggo Lindsie on the beach, having a BBQ with mates, going to the movies and spending time with family.

We’ve started this page to share our love of travel and adventure with the world and to seek more meaningful human connections with others.