Europe Trip

We are travelling through Europe in 2020!

Starting in January, we will be attempting to break a world record – climbing the highest point of every country in Europe in the shortest amount of time. The current record is 835 days and we’re aiming for under 300 days.

Along the way we’d love to meet new people and discover the best each place has to offer – we want you to help shape our journey.


Paul has always had a passion for climbing mountains. As Australia doesn’t provide many challenging options, we have set our sights on Europe for 2020. After sitting on top of Mt Kosciuszko (Australia’s highest mountain) in 2012, Paul made a joke about climbing the highest peak of every country in the world (a feat which has not yet been accomplished). After returning home and doing some research, we found Rod Baber who climbed the highest point of every European country in about 2 ½ years. Paul loves setting challenges for himself and has been planning to beat this record ever since


The current plan is to buy a campervan and spend the first 2-3 months setting this up for travel and streaming. Then we’ll be on the road!

Right now we’re still in planning mode from Adelaide, Australia. From January, the below map will be interactive and show our trip as it happens. We’ll also regularly update where we’re heading next and where you can meet us!

  • Previously: New Zealand
  • Currently in: Adelaide, Australia
  • Next Up: Netherlands
  • Then: Unknown

About Paul

Nickname | Pest

Passions | Fishing, Hiking, 4WDing, exploring mountain tops, meeting people, computer games and eating too much food

Tools | Sony RX100M3, Samsung S10+ and a beast of a PC

First overseas holiday | America when I was 9ish (spent 6 weeks)

Favourite destination | Everything above 3,000m (10,000 ft)

Favourite city | Yogyakarta

Best travel experience | Climbing Volcanoes in Indonesia

Worst travel experience |  A very very bad fever and stomach pains (thought I was pregnant)

Favourite food | Ice-cream (home made of course)

Pest hasn’t had your typical adult life. Many family trips both within Australia and overseas helped him develop a passion for the outdoors and adventure. After spending 8 years in the Australian Army as a Rifleman, and looking to enjoy more freedom Pest changed his focus to the outdoors, live-streaming, travel and living life to the fullest. Now he wants to share this journey to help people push towards life goals and dreams before kicking the bucket!

About Christina

Nickname | Kik, Kikkka, Tin, Tina

Passions | Camping and 4WDing, photography, sketching and curling up with a good book

Tools | Sony A7III, 16-35mm f4, 28-75mm f2.8, Adobe Creative Suite, Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED laptop

First overseas holiday | Bali, Indonesia

Favourite destination | Japan

Favourite city | Kyoto

Best travel experience | Eating traditional dinner with a local Indonesian family

Worst travel experience | Getting the flu in Rio during a heat wave

Favourite food | The ultimate grazing platter!


Raised in the back of a 4WD travelling around outback australia, Christina’s love of the outdoors and travel started young. Combining this love with an interest in community health, she dove into university studies – focussing on how the environment (physical, cultural, economic, etc) impacts health and quality of life. Keen to experience this first-hand, Christina is excited to explore more of the world with her exuberant husband Paul, and record the adventures for those back home.