Work With Me

I regularly work with brands and game development companies to promote new products and games through my Twitch stream, Youtube Channel and social media channels.

I am always on the lookout for new opportunities that align with my brand.


  • Twitch
    • Over 600k+ Twitch Followers
    • 10,500+ Concurrent Viewership
    • 5M+ website views per month
    • Global Twitch front page coverage
    • Regular front page coverage on Twitch for Australia and New Zealand
  • Youtube – Pestily
    • 280k+ Youtube Subscribers
    • 6M+ visits a month
  • Youtube – KikkaPest Adventures
    • 15.9k+ Youtube Subscribers
  • Social
    • 33.2k+ Discord Server Members
    • 75.2k+ Twitter Followers  (7.9M+ Monthly Twitter Impressions)
    • 27.4k+ Instagram Followers

Previous Work:

  • Sponsored Twitch streams – introducing new games and features to Pestily’s gaming community
  • Sponsored attendance at events – Pestily has previously live streamed at PAXAUS and IEM Sydney
  • Sponsored Youtube Videos – product and game reviews

What Pestily can do for you:

  • Increase exposure for your product or brand through the reach of Pestily’s community across multiple channels
  • Connect your product with a highly engaged audience

Sponsored content

  • Use of your product stream (eg. unboxing, set-up, live experience)
  • Play your games on stream
  • Feature your product, game or brand in Youtube videos (eg. first impressions, reviews, set-up videos)
  • Live stream or VLOG from your event or business.

Other promotion

  • Add branding and information to Pestily’s Info panels on Twitch and/or website
  • Brand logo visible on screen during Twitch streams and/or Youtube videos
  • Social posts on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook

Pestily is also open to becoming a Brand Ambassador and forming Long Term Partnerships with companies that align with his brand.

Feel free to contact me via email at:
or check out my CONTACT page.